Astros @ Tigers, September 12, 2022

Framber going to tie the record for consecutive quality starts


Altuve singles to RCF
Altuve steals 2B
Peña singles to CF, Altuve scores
Peña steals 2B
Alvarez strikes out swinging
Bregman singles to CF, Peña scores
Tucker flies out to deep CF
Gurriel pops to shallow LF

2-0 Astros

It’s been nice to see Pena on the base paths again recently.


Greene…works the count full…draws a leadoff walk
Castro…0-2…1-2…strikes out swinging
Greene moves to 2B on a wild pitch, Maldy’s throw goes into CF and Greene goes to 3B on the TE2
Baez grounds into FC, Greene out 3-2 at the plate
Haase singles to LF, Baez to 2B
Torkelson flies out F8 at the wall in CF

2-0 Astros

Ironically, the Tigers score if the Astros don’t commit that error. The error saved a run.


Mancini…0-2…grounds out 4-3
McCormick grounds out 4-3 in the shift
Maldonado strikes out swinging

2-0 Astros

Man, I never get tired of seeing the Tigers’ home uniforms.


Candelario…0-2…foul…strikes out swinging
Kreidler grounds out 6-3
Schoop grounds out 6-3 on a nice play in the hole by Peña.


Wynn and Yordan. No doubt.

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Altuve flies out F7
Peña singles to RF
Alvarez singles to RCF through the shift, Peña hustles to 3B
Bregman…full count…walks to load the bases
Tucker grounds into 4-3-6 double play, but Peña scores

3-0 Astros

Spectacular dig moving/diving by Yuli to his left to snag the hard grounder for the first out.

Yordan. Cannon. He’s out.

That guy’s out! Overturn that!



Reyes grounds out 3U on a diving stop by Yuli. Put a blue star next to that one!
Greene…0-2…1-2…strikes out looking
Castro doubles to RF on the first pitch
Baez singles to LF, Greene scores…Astros challenging tag at the plate…replay shows he’s clearly out…yep, overturned, score it 7-2 to end the inning

3-0 Astros


Great job by Maldy to get that tag across his body quickly.


yORdAn iS juSt A dH

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Gurriel lines out to LF…struck well, but Reyes runs it down
Mancini grounds out 6-3
McCormick…works it full…bloops a single to RF
Maldonado singles to LF, breaks his 0 for 11 streak…Chas to 2B
Altuve…hacking at pitches that would otherwise hit him in the dick…flies out F8 on ball four over his head

3-0 Astros

Hey bartender…PBP man needs a drink!

Don’t touch Jobu’s rum



Haase singles up the middle
Torkelson grounds into 5-4-3 double play
Candelario grounds out 5-3 on the first pitch

3-0 Astros