Astros @ Tigers, Mother’s Day 2024

RF Tucker
SS Pena
DH Alvarez
3b Bregman
1b Singleton
C Diaz
CF Loperfido
LF Cabbage
2b Dubón

P Verlander

… WAT?

Names out of a hat.

Just gotta hope JV is on his game in Detroit.

No hitter #4 would be pretty sweet.

How about Loperfido in the Abraham Toro role?

On to the 2nd, no score.

Pena with an infield hit and Yordan grounds into a DC in between Ks from Tucker and Bregman.

JV Js 2 in a perfect bottom of the 1st.

Singleton with a groundball single

Diaz hits into 4-6-3 and Joey Ks .

You want Peña to bat second?

Fine. He’s batting second.

Another 1-2-3 for JV

Popup to first
Kinda scary fly to right center caught by Kyle

This cocksucker’s giving Flaherty six inches off the plate.

Cabbage 4-3 after called strike 1 in RH batters box

Dubon soft liner single to center after good battle

Tucker called out on strikes and Dubon throw out. Pitch may have clipped the extreme outside edge.

JV with 2 more Ks

34 pitches and no baserunners through 3.

Espada’s batting Bregman cleanup is a fireable offense.


Pena out on diving catch of liner to SS
Alvarez single up the middle
Alex 6-4-3. Strike 2 could have hit him.

Astros have a single in each inning but 3 double plays and nobody has reached 2nd.

Bregman back to .200

JV gets 3 popups 2 of the foul.

Still no score after 4.

JV at 44 pitches

Astros go 1-2-3

Singleton called out on really tough call.

This ump is calling every questionable pitch ( and some not) in favor of the pitchers

Halfway still no score.

Ok its Mothers Day stuff time. Gotta go.

Good luck Astros.

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Tucker hits a homer with Dubon on base and it’s 2-0 Astros.

Now top 7, Bregman leading off.


Top 7, 2 outs, Pena at bat with the bases jacked.

4-0 Astros

Nice inning.

Bullpen please be good.

Pena flies out to RF. After 6.5 innings, Astros 4, Tigers 0.