Astros @ Tigers 8/26/23

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Can’t complain about the lineup today.

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Here we go …

That’s a mere statement of fact, not a prediction

I had a real shitty bowl of Frito Chili Pie. Man, Wolf Brand can chili is shitty. So are the super salty super greasy snack known as Fritos. It wasn’t too bad.

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Altuve leads off with a bunt single

RBI double by Bregman

Kinda wondering how Bregman didn’t get to 3B. At any rate, he moves to 3B on a ground out by Alvarez.

Tucker gets royally fucked on “strike” three a foot off the plate

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Chas with a 2 out walk to put runners on the corners.

Middle of one…Astros already 0 fer 3 w/RISP. But they score three games’ worth of runs…lead 1-0

29 pitches, longest 1st inning for Rodriguez this year.

1-out double by Greene

Brown gets fucked on two straight pitches

Walk to Torkelson

There have been four outs in this game and HPU has fucked up five pitches.

Riley Greene is 22 has all the tools and looks like he belongs.

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End of one…1-0

Thank you for what you’ve done to your body.