Astros @ Tigers, 8/25/23

Looks like Bregs remembered to pack the popups for the toad trip.

While in Detroit, I would like the team to steal AJ Hinch, bring him back with the team to manage the Astros and leave Detroit Dusty Baker.

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Orange jersey for Framber tonight. Change the mojo

Three ground ball outs is a good start.

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0-2 HBP ain’t.

Hey, the pitchers love him.

A walk after being 0-2 is not an improvement

Two free base runners to start the 2nd.


Jeebus, Framber. Unfuck yourself.

Tucker saves a 3-run home run

Tigers at the corners, one out

That was definitely over the line if Tucker doesn’t make the play

Nice play by Bregman

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Framber works around his dick stepping

End of two…no score.

6-3 grounder allows the 'Stros to get out of the inning.

Abreu reaches on TE5

Oh, good, Laz Diaz.

That’s catcher’s interference

E2 Two on, nobody out.

Maldy with a sacrifice.