Astros @ Tigers, 5/11/2024

Tucker’s first day off of the season. Bregman back at cleanup.

Tucker’s red hot and Bregman has thrived at 6. Let’s change it.


Bregman has more homers than the following Astros position players:

Grae Kessinger
Trey Cabbage

That is all.


I report, you decide.

I want Fun Javier, Fun Bats, just straightass Fun.

WTF are these Detroit uniforms?

Fuck, I hope we don’t need Bielak to eat innings tonight.


The wore them last night, but they are obviously distracting Javier.

Welp, that was a fun 1.1 innings of baseball to watch.

Maybe Javier could have used another rehab start

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Yep, I’m out.

Kalas just said “the good new is the Astros still have 7 innings to play with.” I switched to Ford and Sparks.


Skubal has become one of the best pitchers in the American League. He is for sure a Cy Young candidate. No way the Astros come back with him on the mound. (checks to see what else is on)

What’s he supposed to say “well, games over folks might as well not bother watching” ?

That’s essentially what he is saying, he’s just being very obtuse about it.

Brown getting out of an inning with no score is a small victory.

I guess Espada didn’t want to watch this either (or was that Cintron?).


Bregman doubles in Peña who doubled, Singleton walks and then Diaz singled to score Bregman. Now only down 5 runs.

And immediately give one right fucking back.

Man, this team blows.