Astros @ the Tarrantr County Stock Show Barn - 6-17

It’s 7-2 Astros at the bottom of the 6th, and the January 6 Committee hearing has adjourned.

I bet Maton does something cool.

Maton starts the 7th. Garcia pitched 6, with one immaculate inning.

Damn. Damn. Maton just pitched his second immaculate inning in two days, and that’s the second two immaculate inning game for the Astros in two days. That’s even hard to say, much less do.

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Hopefully it was the same three batters.

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please continue prognosticating.

It’s more fun watching games the next day, but just as exciting if you missed it the first time. This may be one of the stupidest set of posts ever, but I got us through the immaculate innings. Again.


I’m not sure what the hell’s going on here other than Neil must be on a fishing trip somewhere that marijuana’s legal.


Yesterday I was in Port O’Connor. Today I turned on the tv to watch the January 6 hearings and the Astros were playing. Listened to the hearing, watched the game vaguely, then in the 6th the hearing ended and I started watching closely.

I don’t need marijuana to be an idiot.

But it don’t hurt

Nailed the date too.

So who won?

We all did.


The redfish. It was a terrible day fishing.

Did you see the record red snapper, spearfished off Port Aransas a few days ago?

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Nope. I’ll look for it. Did that happen again today?

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Wasn’t me.

When I first saw this title, I thought “I guess Dusty is taking the guys on another field trip.” Then I remembered this is the game zone and we’re referring to that beautiful venue the Rangers call home. “Dumbass that I am” strikes again! I’ll let myself out now.