Astros & sTrangers - 9/7/22

Another LHP starter and another off-day for Chas. Of course.

Saving him to pinch-hit against a righty later on.

I want to see these losers beat like a drum today.

I don’t understand Dusty’s obsession with Dubon in CF.

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1-0 Rangers

Hanging slider to Lowe

Nobody does.

This Lowe guy may be good

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Part of the problem with this lineup is they have six guys who should be hitting seventh or lower.

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I was wondering about that a couple of games ago (Hunter’s game) when he took out Mancini and put Dubon in center and moved Chas to left for the 9th. Seems he thinks Dubon is a better CF than Chas, or thinks Dubon can’t play left?

The gun show is in town behind first base.

I get moving McCormick to LF there. And Dubon can fill in CF, but he’s not as good as McCormick. And if you can play CF, you can play LF. You put your weakest outfielder in LF.

And here’s another head scratcher…Gurriel ahead of Mancini.

How’s that for a shift…Mancini lines out to 3B in foul territory.

Great…more defensive slapdickery

From a quick out to instant baserunner.

Bregman shows a little leather though.

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That’s on you, Peña.

Punch single scores an unearned run, and it’s 2-0 Rangers

It would be nice to have some Astros offense in this series.

Grumble grumble unearned runs to a team 27 games behind you grumble grumble harrumph harrumph