Astros @ Royals, June 5, 2020

Middle of two…no score as Yuli continues cripple this offense.

LOBsterfest continues…

Yordan gave one a ride to CF after Bregman’s double(!) in the 1st, just hit it to the exact wrong part of the park.

Everyone in the park but the HPU knew that was a strike. Unbelievable.

End of two…scoreless

Altuve with a 1-out bloop double in the third

Altuve to 3B on a wild pitch that only went about a foot from the catcher.

Dubon…infield now in…flies out F8 as Altuve scores…Dubon’s first RBI as an Astro

Hell of a run by Altuve

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Mid three…1-0 Astros

Nice AB by Dubon too

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Yeah, Altuve hustled that run in.

Yordan! Bat speed kills.

Triples are fun

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Home Runs are fun

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Bregman is not fun.


Yordan’s exit veloCITY today is fun


Halfway…3-0 Astros.

.223 in the 3-hole is…not good.

What does everyone do with the time they save saying “velo” instead of “velocity”?

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