Astros @ Royals, August 19, 2021

Stop the madness.

Diaz (LF)
Wilson (3B)

They’re facing Mike Minor, so naturally Castro gets the start.

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Popup, soft liner to 1B, Yordan single,
F9 in the 1st

Need a strong outing from Garcia.

I can’t believe Garcia made that play.

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Merrifield single, advances to second on a good bunt better play by Garcia/Yuli

Merrifield steals 3rd, slides into Wilson’s elbow and is shaken up a little

Fuck. When did Merrifield become the best player in the game?

Garcia promptly bounces a pitch, good play by Castro to keep it in front

How many steals of third base are the Astros going to allow in this series? It’s getting ridiculous.

I wish they’d pay attention to the runners


The sad thing is Garcia did check on Merrifield at 2B early in the Perez at bat.

Garcia dicks around, gets a full count and serves up the easy sac fly.

Non-competitive pitches.


1-0 KC

He might want to find the strike zone.

I’m probably a little more frustrated that I’d normally be after 1 inning of play.

Serenity now.

Diaz strikes out on 1 strike.

Diaz with a horrible at bat.

We all are pissed off right now. The Royals are a pesky team but there is no excuse for potentially getting swept by a last-place team in August when your goal is winning the AL.

After the second game in LA, the Astros have shown little interest in this road trip.