Astros @ Royals, April 9, 2024

Keep er movin’

Altuve smacks a leadoff single.

Yordan laces a single up the middle.

Tucker with a single to load the sacks for Bregman…

Bregman pops up. Imagine that.

Diaz grounds into 5-4 FC, beats the double lay as Altuve scores

Chas hacks out. Coulda been worse, I suppose.

1-0 Astros

1-2-3 first for Javier

One needs so little imagination.

Peña with a 1-out single

Dubon flies out after a 9-pitch battle

Peña swipes 2B

Peña jams his wrist on the slide…says he’s ok

And hurts himself. Of course.

Altuve with a 4-pitch walk

Two on for Yordan…

Yordan singles, Peña scores

Runners on the corners for Tucker…

Tucker whiffs

Middle of two…2-0 Astros

Looked he was just in front of that (failed) bloop.

Abreu. Ugh.