Astros Rockies in Mexico, Apr 28, 2024

Astros take a 2-0 lead:
Altuve bunt single
Bregman grounds deep 3b, great play, Altuve to 2b
Altuve SB, could have scored on bad throw but didn’t listen to Pettis
Yordan SF
Tucker HR

Framber gets a CS to finish the bottom of the first

End 1, 2-0 Astros

Diaz hits one to the wall in CF but caught, no other action.

Mid 2, 2-0 Astros

And the Framber diarrhea begins.

We’re tied

End of two…2-2

Deathly allergic to prosperity


I am coming to just completely despise Framber.

He’s just mentally incapable of going more than 3 innings without completely falling apart, usually because he suddenly can’t locate any of his pitches.

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Absolutely trade him to someone who still thinks of him as an ace

Altuve got every bit of that one

Bregman with a single, Yordan caught looking

Middle of three…3-2 Astros.

Let’s see if Framber shits away this lead immediately.

Framber strikes out the side. Attaboy.

3-2 Astros after three.



End of four…4-2 Astros

Nice efficient inning by Framber.

*ETA - with the help of the DP. *

There were too many fly balls earlier, but it seems like he might be getting that tamed now.

End of five…4-2 Astros

Really nice outting for Framber. Especially after no rehab start


Let’s not start licking each other’s popsicles just yet.