Astros @ Rockies, August 20, 2020

Getaway day game.

Marquez (RHP) starting for Colorado

Springer F9

Altuve F9

Correa lines F7

Mid 1

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Second pitch of the AB, Altuve gets a slider that starts mid shin.

Eyes closed, chin up as he swings over it by a mile.

Javier on the bump.
6 lefties in the lineup.

Tapia singles past the diving Jones at 1st

Story digs in as Dusty enjoys eating a peach, goes 3-2, flies out F9 as runner was going

Blackmon steps out as Javier is delivering 0-1 pitch, no time called, Javier yaks and the ball sails 20 feet in the air and hits the backstop on the fly; runner advances, Blackmon eventually Ks swinging on a low breaking ball

Arenado Ks swinging

No score after 1

Yuli is the DH, Taylor Jones is at 1B, Toro is at 3rd

Top 2

Reddick singles to right

Yuli 0-2, checks up twice 2-2, Ks swinging at a slider in the zone

FB at 97, slider at 87 for Marquez

Yuli was committed to fastball on that one, he was not even close.

Tucker hits a triple in the gap in right, Reddick scores.

Ladies and gentlemen, your MLB leader in 3 baggers.

Marquez is a stud.

KT just hits triples.

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10 mph differential F’d him up.

Toro Ks swinging.

Ball in play would have been nice there.

I have never seen more checked or attempted checked swings in one half inning.

Jones walks. Very nice AB

Outstanding AB from Too Tall Jones.

Maldonado singles sharply to left, Tucker scores, Jones to 2nd

“Maldonado is taking advantage of not being asked to stay in the on deck circle.”
-Kalas during the Jones AB; he was in the frame of the picture


Springer with runners on 1st/2nd and 2 out, singles to left, Jones rounds 3rd as Tapia flubs the pickup; Jones scores E7, Maldonado to 3rd, Springer to second

ETA they gave George an RBI

Feeling a little bittersweet at the moment that I never got to hear Milo call George “Springy.”

Altuve 2-0, 3-0 doubles off the top of the wall in left center, 2 runs score