Astros @ Rockies, 07/19/2023

I think the scoreboard operator is working through some things.


That’l teach him not to foul off so many.

Nicely turned

Out at second.

First is pretty close.

Let’s get Bielak some run support boys.

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Warning track power

Nicely done, Jose

Nice approach on 0-2.

Abreu comes through with the RBI single, Tucker scores.

Let’s get him some more, boys.

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“Chas has done it again”

Keep your cool, Gomber.

That’s not gonna serve you well.

Chas is a good run support boy.

I hope they don’t end up having to trade Chas.


That’s it for Bielak.

Walks were his only bugaboo today.

Chas shouldn’t be part of current trade conversations unless it’s for a substantial upgrade on the roster with many years of club control remaining. He’s earned the everyday centerfield job.

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It’s nice to see what he’s done with some consistent playing time. Wondering if that has cleared things up with those in the braintrust that were limiting his PT before Yordan went out.

Attaboy Phil.

Imagine he’ll have the 7th too.


It’s Montero.

Going to put on my “oh shit” fishin waiters. They ride up a bit but better safe than sorry