Astros @ Rays, September 21, 2022

Siri could not get to that Maldy bomb. 105mph off the bat.

“He’s not gonna catch that one without a rocket up his ass”


Pressly in for the save attempt

The fourth pitch was a strike while the first pitch, which was exactly the same, was not?

Pressley is, um, not sharp.

2-out walk to Siri

That “ball 4” was reeeeeeeeeeal close





Now let’s see about those X-rays…

Listening to the Rays broadcast and Kevin Kiermaier is in the booth tonight with Staats and the other guy. He was quite effusive about the difficulty of the catch Siri made. He said the dingy roof of Tropicana Field really camouflages the off white ball and makes it very difficult to find again if you take your eyes off of it. Said you have to keep your eye on the ball and be aware of the wall but you have to keep your eye on the ball of it will get lost.

Interesting. Looking for folder to fly to neice wedding in NJ. The folder box had my 2000 mint condition home opener Enron field park program. Good place to protect it in a box with folder. Bad place to find again, but by pure luck. :penguin:

Message to Rays:

You want no part of that 5 seed

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Kiermaier was great in the booth tonight. Their whole broadcast team is solid.

I assume that’s in reference to the over-the-shoulder catch of Chas’s drive, but the grab of Mancini’s liner was really good, too. It was hit hard and right at him, which makes it really hard to judge. And somehow you can sense when a ball is going to knuckle on you, and it’s terrifying, and that’s exactly what happened to him. And he still managed to adjust to its craziness at the last moment. I was very impressed by that.

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