Astros @ Rays, September 21, 2022

Astros score a run in the first. Lead 1-0

LMJ walks the leadoff hitter

Shlum-bur-gur? Really, Julia?

Not nearly as tasty as Whataburger

End of two…1-0 Astros

This is why there’s no Julia Infallibility Doctrine

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Okay, let’s put another run or three up there.

I’m hoping for a third shutout. I was listening to the TB radio guys last night because I was out driving, and it was fun to listen to “outsiders” gushing about the Astros pitching and hitting.

Slumburger, pronounce it right dammit.

Halfway…1-0 Astros still

That HBP on Altuve had to really hurt.

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Dubon at 2b for the sixth. Hopefully just precautionary. Altuve was already scheduled for an off day tomorrow.

Where did it get him?

Left elbow

Just under where the elbow guard stops

His elbow guard and s more of a biceps guard

Now we know why Diaz and Rice Stadium sat out yesterday’s game:

Slumburger sponsored a Little League team when I was 8 or 9. Imagine my surprise when I discovered how most people pronounce it.

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Dubon having a forgettable game.

I’m not gonna complain about the backup utility player, but the initial surge has certainly worn off.

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I like him, but he plays too much.