Astros @ Rays, September 19, 2022

Magic number stands at one…


Altuve! Leadoff homer

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Altuve…3-0…takes strike one in his eyes…homers to LF
Peña grounds out softly 3U on the first pitch
Alvarez pops to shallow LF on the first pitch
Bregman …works the count full…singles to CF
Tucker singles to LCF on the first pitch, Bregman to 2B
Gurriel strikes out swinging

1-0 Astros

Not a great AB by Yuli

A pretty shitty one.

No more nibbling, Luis

Defense looks a little lackadaisical so far.

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Diaz…full count…walks
Aranda lines out to LF
Franco singles to LCF on the first pitch, Diaz to 3B
Franco takes 2B on what looked like a foul ball…WTF?…ruled a wild pitch
Arozarena strikes out swinging
Ramirez pops out F6

1-0 Astros

Radio guys were split - Ford said he didn’t see contact, Sparks said the spin changed

Sure looked to me like a foul

Blum thought the spin changed, too.

Looked foul to me.

At any rate…the Astros go quietly in the 2nd

Keep walking the lead off man. See how that works for you.

Another leadoff walk. Tight zone tonight, but Garcia has to throw fucking strikes.

A couple of quick outs…see how that works when you throw strikes?

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End of two…1-0 Astros

Who is the Tampa color guy, HH?

I don’t know, not listening to either broadcast.

Thought you might know since you seem to know things Tampa. He and Staats are good.

If it’s the TV broadcast, I think it’s usually Brian Anderson paired with Staats.

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