Astros @ Rays, May 2, 2021

OK, if they lose, it’s because i’m here. If they win, it’s because I’m here. Go Astros!!


Nice catch by Brantley to end a scoreless 1st, thought that was trouble off the bat

I thought it was gone from high home.

Kalas didn’t cry yard on that one, but he did on Correa’s FO. He just got under that.

He was yard-crying adjacent at least.

It was pretty up tempo for a routine fly out to left.

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I’m used to his vocal inflections by now, still makes me laugh sometimes.

I immediately watch the fielders and they both were cookin’ to the wall. That’s why I thought it was out. Correa’s was obviously an out.

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I have the volume down low, and his increased tempo/volume got my to quickly look back to the TV in time to see the LF settle under it and make the catch flat footed.

Definitely exhaled through my nose at it.


2 hits through the shift.

Not a good 0-2 pitch to Lowe

The shift has cost at least four outs this inning. So far

And zero runs.

The first hit was right where Altier would be normally.

Altuve. Fucking phone…

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The second was a tailor made candy hop to SS. The pop up to 3B that Machete couldn’t quite reach was in the coach’s box. That was not a good inning for the shift.

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Javier did a good job pitching out of it.


Yep. Excellent work.

Are the Rays still married to this “opener” thing?

So I had planned to be in Tampa this weekend, but just wasn’t ready to travel.

Haven’t been paying much attention but there’s someone warming in the Rays pen.