Astros @Rays May 1st

Astros put up a 3 spot in the first, Urquidy 3 zeros and it’s 3-0 Astros after 3

I wish Straw would learn to be a slap hitter.

Top 4

Yuli, Tucker and Straw all ground out

Stop hitting the ball hard and he’ll get many infield hits

He seems to have a better idea of the zone than many HPUs have given him credit for.

A steady stream of singles to right would be awesome for him.

He and Yordan have taken over the Reddick role of getting fucked by the umpire every other AB


Working today so barely able to watch but we’re through 5 Astros up 3-0

Top 6

Correa strikes out

Yuli flies out to center

Tucker grounds out to first

W/ a 7-pitch 4th and 10-pitch 5th, Urquidy has thrown just 63 pitches while Fleming threw 89 pitches thru 5.

Bot 6

Zunino strikes out looking

Meadows flies out to shallow left center

Margot singles into center

Lowe singles to right, Margot to 3rd

Arozerena chops out to short

Inning over

Astros up 3-0 after 6

Urquidy is at 76 pitches through 6

Top 7
Hunter Strickland replaces Fleming

Straw singles didn’t see where

Machete grounds to 3rd, FC, Straw advances to 2nd

Altuve lines out to left

Brantley grounds out to short

I hate these east coast games that interfere with my afternoon nap.


Bot 7
Urquidy still on the bump

Wendel pops out in foul territory to Bregman

Diaz walks

Tsutsugo flies out to center

Adames flies out to right

3-0 Astros after 7

Urquidy at 91 pitches, 9-1-2 due up, Stanek warming in the pen, does he come back out?

Also, happy birthday Jose Urquidy!

Yes, Urquidy for the 8th. Then Pressly.

Let him start the 8th but have Stanek ready

Top 8

Bregman pops out to short

Alvarez flies out to center

Correa pops out to shallow left

Broadcast booth say it appears he’s done, but why not send him out for another inning?

Raley in.