Astros @ Rays, April 26, 2023

Brown on the bump to try to take the series.

Peña with a 1-out single.

Have I mentioned that I like him in the 2-hole?

Peña to 2B on a wild pitch, Tucker walks on another wild pitch…Astros on the corners, one out for Bregman…

Bregman grounds to SS for a possible double play, and Franco kicks it. E6, Peña scores, Tucker to 2B

Abreu doesn’t miss the chance to ground into a 6-4-3 double play

1-0 Astros

Brown with a pair of strikeouts in the first. 1-0 Astros

Attaboy, kid.

Astros go quietly in the second.

I forgot I signed up for a VPN when I spent all that time in Ireland and am very happy I just remembered since I’m not able to make it to tonight’s game.

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Diaz draws a leadoff walk to start the third, and the Rays will make a pitching change.

Dubon grounds into 6-4-3 twin killing.

Peña with an infield single

Tucker with a knock, Peña to 3B…two on, two out for Bregman…

Now Bregman needs to look to drive a run in, not work a walk

Wow! Fleming went to the same school I did. Webster U in St. Louis. Only guy from there to make the big leagues.

Popup Bregman on a 3-1 pitch. Astros strand a pair.


Nice gun by Diaz!

Margot with a 1-out single for the Rays, and is caught stealing on the next pitch


That was an incredible throw. The runner got an enormous jump.