Astros @ Rays 4/24/23

Dubon leads off with a triple.

Pena K’s, surprise surprise.

Tucker lines out to left, Dubon scampers home. 1-0 Astros.

Bregman gets a middle zone belt high fastball 2-0 and fouls it off. 3-1 pitch drilled to left and gone! 2-0 Astros!

Abreu takes one middle middle for strike 1. Bounced ball 1. Bregman’s homer was the first homer Taj Bradley has given up in his career. Fouled off an outside-ish pitch, 1-2. 55 footer, 2-2. Takes up, full count. Slapped through the hole for a single between 3rd and SS.

Here comes the pitching coach.

Julks takes outside, ball 1. Slashed down the 3rd base line but snagged on the fly by the 3B.

Mid 1 Astros 2 Rays 0.

Nice to get to Bradley early for a few.

I’m in and out making dinner so I can’t do full PBP to start with.

Diaz grounds to Peña but Franco singles to center and steals 2nd quickly. 1 out.

Julks with a very unwise dive on Arozerena liner to left. Franco scores. Aroz safe at 3rd

He missed that ball by feet. No reason to dive for that ball.

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Rameriz doubles into the RF corner. Aroz scores. 2-2 2 outs.

Good lord. They give him a 2 run lead and he just throws pus.


The lead was fun for a few minutes

That went off Tucker. Should be at third.

Not sure how the umps missed that.

Wasn’t a terrible pitch by Urquidy, nice job by the hitter.

Astros get a base runner after Meyers is HPB but can’t get anything else going.

Mid 2, 2 all


Bottom 2

Lowe takes ball one out, strike one poured in there, 1-1. Just low, ball 2. Fouled back, 2-2. Swings through a change up low, ponche! 1 out.

Bethancourt check swing, ball 1. Swings over a sweeper, 1-1. Low and in called a strike, woof. 1-2. Slaps a sweeper in to shallow right, Dubon playing up the middle and running forever AND RUNS IT DOWN! WOW! Full extension snag! 2 outs.

Margot takes strike 1 at the top of the zone, 0-1. Slaps a sweeper to Pena, easy out 6-3.

End 2, tied at 2.

Like baseball in a gymnasium.

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Peña Power!!!


Hell of a play by Dubon

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Top 3

Pena leads off takes a curve in the dirt, 1-0. Drives one to center, looking up, AND GONE! That was a fucking rocket! 3-2 Astros.