Astros @ Rangers, September 26, 2020


Astros on tbe corners, two out for Gurriel…


Gurriel grounds out 6-3. Rangers coming to bat… 0-0

So Correa needs a day off but Yuli doesn’t?

That Tech UT game is ridiculous.

So is Straw’s baserunning.

Ain’t that the truth.

Yuli will get off tomorrow and Monday.

It nauseated me. A 15 fucking point lead with 3:15 to go and they lose?!!!

Congrats to Julia and her husband:


Weird to see artificial turf singles.

At least OU got punked…in their own yard.

The Coogs are still undefeated.

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Man, Tucker has no arm whatsoever.

Through six…1-0 Rangers

I’d like to know who thought it was a good idea to use fake grass in this new stadium. It looks hideous without real grass.

For Texas Tech fans, this was a big day for the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

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The Astros just did a nice job of executing situational hitting to manufacture a run.

Diaz with a leadoff double, sac bunt, sac fly by Super Jack ties it up

Ahem, a noodle arm is still an arm.

They floated the word about it pretty early in construction. They said they were concerned about issues with sunlight… and oh by the way artificial grass would make the multiuse aspect easier/more profitable.