Astros @ Rangers, September 24, 2020

Yahoos in the studio prattling on about setting the postseason roster.

Astros better unfuck themselves.

Ready to see Globe Life Field.


Altuve with a 1-out single…

Good AB from Altuve.

Swung at a ball or two but made Lynn work and finally singled to right.


Bregman with an RBI triple!


That looked like Alex Fucking Bregman!

That ball traveled in a hurry.

Tucker reaches on an E8…Bregman scores

Thank you, Taveras

2-0 Astros

An extra base hit and a break. Let’s win this one.


Taveras with a leadoff double

After one…2-0 Astros


Correa grounds to 3B and Apostel crumbles in a heap. Ball rolls into LF.

Apostel has to leave the game.

Weird camera angle for balls in play? Seems a little steeper than usual.


Reddick chops one over 1B…Correa to 3B. Astros on the corners, nobody out…

Josh with a hit!


Springer Dinger!

5-0 Astros

Springer Dinger!!!