Astros @ Rangers, August 30, 2022

Astros get three hits, score a run, but Yuli rolls into an inning-ending 4-6-3 with two on to end the first

1-0 Astros.

I love Yuli.

But would it kill him to strike out while slumping instead of hitting into dp’s?

I love him too, but he has no business hitting higher than seventh.

Framber remembered to cover the bag.

A full season of this when you’re 38 isn’t a slump, it’s who you’ve become.

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Nice 1-2-3 first from Framber

LOL that is awful-looking turf

Why would you not send the runners on a full count with Yuli? He’s a lot more likely to make contact than strike out, but that contact is likely to be s ground ball.



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I guess you’re thinking you don’t want a SOTO with RISP and Mancini due up next (why on God’s little acre Yuli is hitting ahead of Mancini is a mystery). Frankly, there is no good option with Yuli. He’s become an offensive liability, yet Dusty still insists on slotting him in a prime RBI spot.

Looks good to me.

To me also

Except that there are only eight spots there.

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Vazquez draws a 1-out walk, but Matejevic schooled and McCormick caught looking

1-0 Astros

We don’t need a left fielder.

Dear Astros:

Quit trying to make JJ happen. It’s not going to happen.

The first slash means put Vazquez and Mamcini in either spot.

Last year, Garcia pounded us to a pulp. This year, he’s the king of seeing eye singles. I hate that guy.

Put Vasquez in the two hole when he plays. And both Yuli and Mancini will start.

I’m getting Great White vibes from JJ: every time he goes back to AAA he rakes, but when he comes back up, he doesn’t.