Astros @ Rangers, August 29, 2021

Yordan DH
Diaz SS


Astros have the Silver Boot, going for the 3 game sweep today at Globe Life Field. Pitching for the Rangers is lefty Taylor Hearn. He’s 3-5 with. 4.08.

He’s given the Astros fits in his career with an ERA under 1.

Altuve leading off against Hearn…foul, bunted foul, foul, foul, infield pop to second. One down.

Altuve has become the Popup King.

Brantley up…ball, strike looking, strike looking, strike swinging. Two down

Gurriel…strike looking, ball, fly out to center.

Astros fail to score. Headed to bottom of 1.

Today’s lineup is now 2-24 against Hearn this season.

B1: Greinke pitching, Yonny Hernandez leading off for the Rangers

Hernandez…strike looking, ball down, ground ball single just past Altuve into right.

Not a highlight for Jose.

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Where was the shift on that one?

Hit it through the shift.

Runner at first, no outs.

Kiner-Falefa…strike looking, strike looking, single into right down the line. Hernandez gets to third. Runners on the corners with no outs.

Oh. Gonna be one of those Grienke starts.

Garcia up with two on and no outs.

Throw over to first, foul, foul but scary as hell down the line, ball down, ball in, single into left 1-0 Rangers. IKF to third base.

This is the Greinke I fear showing up in the playoffs.


This is an ignominious beginning

Slapdickery galore.

It gets worse

Runners on the corners with still no one out.

Lowe up for Texas, sac fly to left makes it 2-0. Throw from left goes home to Maldonado who throws it into center trying to get get runner from first. Error allows him to get to third.

Jesus Zack.