Astros @ Rangers, April 8, 2024

Yordan with a 1-out single, Tucker follows with a walk. Two on for Bregman…

Need a big hit from Bregman. Gotta give Henley some run support in his MLB debut.

Bregman single, Yordan scores!

Chas…3-0…3-1…walks to load the bases for Peña…

A big swing from Jeremy would be much appreciated.

Peña grounds into 6-4 FC as Tucker scores

Two on for Abreu…

Abreu strikes out swinging

But the Astros plate a pair…2-0

Man, Abreu is just so overwhelmed

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4-pitch leadoff walk to Semien

And Seager with a bloop to CF, Semien to 3B

Very tough luck blooper with Semien running - a little harder or a little softer and you’ve got a potential DP

Single up the middle, Semien scores

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I’m on the Rangers broadcast.

“Seager placed that one just where he wanted”.

On a bloop.

Well, this is going swimmingly.

Garcia grounds up the middle, Dubon dives and stops it, throws to 1B, but Abreu can’t pick it. Bases loaded, nobody out


Abreu needs to pick that.

Henley not having any good luck so far.

This kid is gonna get clobbered.

Well, that multi-run lead lasted a whole 0.0 innings.