Astros @ Rangers, April 5, 2024

Try not to suck this series.

Altuve strokes a single up the middle to lead things off

A couple of long fly balls to the track, and two out for Bregman…

Bregman grounds into FC.

No score.

Semien with an infield single on the first pitch.

Seager 0-2…1-2…2-2…3-2…foul…foul…foul…lines out to CF on a nice sliding grab by Meyers

Langford walks, two on

4-pitch walk to Carter loads the bases with two outs…

Brown is a mess

Brown leaves the bases loaded, but is up to 30 pitches.

No score after one.

Good thing the bullpen is rested.

If Brown doesn’t find some command over his breaking ball this is going to be a long night for us and a short one for him

Disaster averted, but he’s gonna have to convince them that he can throw anything other than the fastball for a strike.

Wish a Rangers fan would insult Bregman’s kid or something….anything to put a fire in him.

Diaz hacks out on four straight pitches well outside the zone.

Bregman is what he is. Which isn’t the All-Star we all hoped he’d be.

He’s the #7 hitter on this team, crushing rallies batting 4th.

Middle of two…no score

Better sequence on Taveras

Brown getting rocked…1-0 Rangers…two on, two out…

2-0 Rangers

I wish Brown would quit fucking around.