Astros @ Rangers, April 25, 2022

McCormick leading off…punches out

Brantley flies out to CF

Bregman takes strike one, takes strike two, takes strike three. That was pointless

No score.

What the hell

Come on, Framber…stay off your dick tonight.

Couple of ground balls and a line out…no score after one




Yuli with a double!

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Tucker singles through the shift…Yuli to 3B

Take that, shift.

Tucker swipes 2B

Diaz lines out to 3B on a diving stab


Loud out.

105 off the bat.

Double damn.

Castro just missed a 2rbi double.

Castro…infield in on the shift…strikes out swinging.

Peña strikes out looking.

Runners at 2B and 3B, no outs…squat. But the Astros get one on the Alvarez Dinger, lead 1-0

Tough pitch.

Hope that inning doesn’t come back to bite them in the ass.

HPU is off to a pretty rocky start. The outside corner is Hernandezesque.