Astros @ Rangers, 13 June 2022

Beautiful called strike three FB to end the second inning by Javier after falling behind 3-0.

Astros up 3-0 after two.

Yordan with the Astros 7th hit (at 112mph) here in the 3rd. He is absolutely dialed in. What a fun stretch to see.

Doing my part


3 fly outs by Bregman, Yuli and Tucker surrounding Yordans bullet single. Heading to the bottom of 3.

How did that Yordan single sound?

Nice attempt by Dubon and great job keeping it in front(ish) of him.

Three straight bloop hits for the Rangers, as Peña now hurt


Javier is being dinked to death.

Impressive stop by Maldy with the bases jacked. How did he even get up that high in time???

Sac fly makes it 3-1

End of three…3-1 Astros

Nice throw by Tucker, close play on Taveras


Javier did well as a fly ball pitcher. Good to see him navigate that bases loaded no out trouble.

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Strikeout of Adolis was huge for the first out. Great job only allowing the sac fly after all that soft serve.


This home plate seating is ridiculous, distracting for the viewers, probably more so for the pitchers. Way too much movement going on back there.

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Wow, what a play by Machete

Yes, Maldy!

Related to that play by Maldonado…it used to be that a foul tip had to hit the mitt first and couldn’t be trapped against the catchers body to count as being caught. They quietly changed that rule in 2020, but didn’t really advertise it. Now, any foul tip caught before touching the ground is a strike, it no longer has to hit the mitt.