Astros @ Rainjizz - 6/15 (thanks, Sphinx)

Bases loaded no out for Yordan top 1.

Charity strike there.

Yordan is just a wee bit dialed in right now.

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Alvarez double scores 2. 2-0 Astros. Top 1 - 2nd and 3rd - 0 out.

Tucker 3U scores Bregman. 3-0 Astros.

Just for entertainment purposes I would have liked Yordan to tag on that.

Yuli high pop to 2B in shallow center. Great catch and throw to hold Yordan at 3rd.

As fun as that would be, he’d have been meat.

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Diaz walks. 1st and 3rd 2 out. Rangers bullpen already busy.

Watching Yuli right now is so painful.

Two FAT pitches to hit and he was just behind both of them.

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Siri singles off the glove of 3B. Alvarez scores. 4-0 Astros

Siri must have been reading all the talk about him here.

Maldy doubles to RF, scores Diaz and Siri. 6-0 Astros.


Miller throws 39 pitches for 2 outs. See ya!

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Maldy too.

I had forgotten how much fun this can be.

He upgraded the offense at catcher like people said

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If you poison your eyes with the idiocy that is Astros Twitter (not the official account, just the morons that think they’re baseball experts), Maldy has been shit on extensively in the offensive slump that the team has been going through, to the point of people howling he should be DFAed or at least be demoted to backup.

Shut the fuck up, you mouthbreathing fucking polesmokes.


Altuve just about swung himself out of his pants on that 3-1 hack.

If you’re looking at this lineup and you’re pointing at Maldonado as the problem then I have no reason to ever listen to you again.