Astros Player Development is on X

Now you can see video from the back fields on the official Astros Player Development twitter feed.

Things like

Misael Tamares - 33 seconds of his outing where he K’d 6 guys.

Xavier Casserilla with two exit velos over 100 - one oppo double and a bomb to LF.


Bellozo’s curve was a beauty, too.


I wonder what circustances drive the coaches umpiring games verses having the two umps?

I also saw some dude apparently hitting 102 on the gun?!?

ETA: Dude’s name is Abel Mercedes.

Struckout 49 batters in 29 IP last year in the FCL. Also walked 38 batters. Better teach that kid some control before he kills somebody!

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Mercedes got in a big boy game today. Faced three batters. Walked three batters. Then Cesar Gomez (who must have some dirt on someone to still be hanging around) allowed all three to score.

Thank you VB. I needed a laugh today and your post gave me a good one.

Went to an exhibition game between the Tourists and the Woodpeckers last night at McCormick. One of the strangest rooting experiences of my life. No–why hedge? The strangest. We were seated behind first base and, when a Tourist batter almost beat out a 5-3 grounder, on a play in which the fielder made a great play and the umpire, hustling over from his station behind second, a great call, I found myself cheering for everyone while the whole stadium was booing. “Way to hustle, Cam! Great play, third base! Good call, ump!”

There wasn’t a program for the game so I was at a total loss as to the Woodpeckers, but everybody hit. I think I counted five wallbangers and a home run.

Cam Fisher looked good. Brice Matthews is pretty short.


I’ve read in a few places that his listed height (6’0") is… generous.

Maybe the 6’0” includes cap height:


There is this Altuve guy…