Astros @ Pirates, April 12, 2023

McCormick 8
Bregman 5
Tucker 9
Abreu 3
Hensley DH
Peña 6
Julks 7
Dubón 4
Diaz 2


Let’s play a good game today, boys.

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Day off for Yordan

All those strike outs yesterday wore him out.

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Astros strand a pair in scoring position. No score

Nice ABs by Bregman (BB) and Tucker (1B)

Strong throw by Diaz but the runner had a good jump, pitch was a changeup too, and beat it

Urquidy gets a popup to end the inning after the 2-out BB and SB

Holy shit, Rich Hill is still playing baseball?

What is he, 52?

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43 last month

Dubon with another hit

From what little I’ve read, it seems the Astros fandom’s hate has shifted from Dubon to Maldy and Abreu

Who’s hating on Abreu and Maldy? And why?

Randos nobody should care about…but they’ve gotta have somebody at all times

That landing looked awful. Glad Chas got back up.

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Chas with two blue stars on that one.

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Good grief. It’s April 12th.

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My feed is somehow a full 2 batters behind the action (I’m gonna blame my magical VPN)…just saw the Chas catch. Very nice!

That’s what you’re paid to do, Jose!


Middle of three…1-0 Astros

Bae is a fun player to watch

And we haven’t clinched yet.

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