Astros @ Pale Hose, 8/16/22

Cease has allowed zero or 1 ER in 14 straight starts, the longest streak in MLB history

I always thought Tudor looked like the most humorless player ever.

And I’m glad Cesar beat those jackasses.

Steaks are made to me broken.

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With a baked potato?

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Hopefully Cease will desist in his dominant pitching.

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10 pitch inning for Cease.
7 pitches for Verlander.

0 - 0 after 1.

Deeply, deeply annoying that Tucker wasn’t on second by the time Dubon came up.

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Top 2.

Cease pitching.

Tucker works the count full…walks.
Diaz - F8.
Pena - K.
Dubon - singles to right. Tucker to 3rd.
Maldy - lines out to 3rd.

Mid 2. Astros - 0. WS - 0.

(I have to run.)

I was just going to say it’s too bad Diaz and Peña didn’t move him over after his lead off walk. The opportunities against Cease in this game may be few, they need to make the most of those chances.


Sox on the corners, nobody out…

Probably not a hit if Yuli isn’t holding the runner.

An easy 3U. Instead of two out, nobody on, it’s…

Big strikeout

Infield single makes it 1-0

Holy fuck Peña, get your ass on the fucking bag!

Fucking Peña

That’s gotta be E6

Now another hit loads the bases.