Astros @ Padres, September 4, 2021

Altuve gets the night off.

Framber vs 2017 WS G5 WP

How did Yordan fit that in there?

Nice job with two outs to get a run.

Brantley 4-3

Diaz pop out

Bregman singles up the middle

Alvarez drops a single over Machado’s shifted pumpkin head in RF

Yuli singles to right center, Bregman scores, Yordan to 3rd

Correa full count, can’t check

Carlos took a 2-1 FB down the middle. Again.

But the Astros got a run and taxed Musgrove.


Drone delivery technology.

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Nice play by Diaz on the rainbow hop.

3 up 3 down, 1 K looking for Framber.



Tucker got a middle middle FB and did what needed to be done.

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He likes that part of the park. Similar spot as the bomb last night.

Framber batting looks like Charles Barkley playing golf.

Framber ground out 6-3.

Save the ball.

Astros add a run on the Tucker blast.

2-0 mid 2nd

Well I had to step out and now the bases are juiced with a run in for SD.

Tatis singles past Yuli, 2 runs score.

3-2 Friars

Jesus, Framber. Would you like to have the wheels come off more?

Framber lost command during the at bat versus Frazier (hit him in the helmet), and, since, he’s been living in the middle of the plate with his fastball and the Padres have hit everything to right.

And a balk on an 0-2 their to first scores another.

It was definitely a balk.

Follows it up by hitting Machado with a curveball.

Focus on the damn hitter with 2 outs. And, then he spikes a curveball and hits Machado.