Astros @ Padres, Sept 3, 2021

It Tatis playing?

You know, he is probably the best player since Barry Bonds or Ken Griffey Jr.

But fuck that guy.

It’s been such a long time since the Astros scored.
Altuve works count full, GO 5-3

Really looking forward to hearing how Arietta has really turned it around when the Astros suck against him tonight.

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Bodacious Tatis.

If only Russ Meyers was still alive.

Brantley GO 4-3

Bregman FO to CF

It’s weird how the Astros face the Greatest Pitcher in Baseball every single game!

Toronto came back against the A’s. 11-10

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I can do play by play until these edible things take effect. Or the vodka martinis, which ever come first.

Tatis, (he really is pretty fucking good) is walked by Urquidy. Jose said, “fuck that guy,” too.

Good hook from Urquidy there to Machado.

Manny Machomancado goes down swinging.

I used to like David Cronenberg’s weird movies in the 80s. Jake Cronenworth doesn’t make movies. But he does fly out to Bregman.

Will Meyers strikes out. Urquidy doesn’t seem to have much rust to shake loose.

Good, between innings, I can make another martini.

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Tucker FO to Will Meyers.

El Presidente. Seriously. I can drink those all night.