Astros @ Padres , August 21, 2020

Keep it going!

Springer, RF
Altuve, 2B
Correa, SS
Reddick, DH
Toro, 3B
Tucker, LF
Jones, 1B
Straw, CF
Maldonado, C

McCullers, P

Bring it strong, Lance.

Only 3 guys below the Mendoza line at the start of this one.

I like leadoff doubles!!

nice job battling back and punishing that pitch.

Hey, that guy looked like Jose Altuve.

He’s been doing that recently, hope he sticks around.

3 straight hits to start it off gets a run home.

Springer double
Altuve single to left
Correa single to left plates Springer

Reddick up with runners on the corners

Reddick 3-2, pops out F4

Toro from the left side falls 0-2, Ks swinging (foul tip)

I’d like to go to a game at that stadium someday.

Tucker 3-1 fouls a FB 3-2, walks to load the bases

Make something good happen Mr Jones.

Buddy of mine just texted saying it’s awesome.

Well that was disappointing as fuck

Jones bats with bases juiced, goes 3-2, Ks swinging on a high slider (?)

1-0 Astros

At least they got one.

1B and 3B, nobody out…pop up, strike out, strike out


San Diego would have hit a grand slam.