Astros @ Our Natural Rivals, July 24, 2022

2-0 Astros, bottom of the first

Bottom 1st, Valdez pitching

Crawford g3
France 1b
Lewis k
Suarez k

Top 2, Robbie Ray pitching

Diaz 1b ground ball to center
McCormick 1b gb to left, Diaz to 2nd
Dubon ground run 2b, Diaz scores
Maldonado Texas Leaguer to center, McCormick scores, Dubon stays at 2nd
Altuve 1b to center, Dubon scores from 2nd
Pena soft fly out to center
Tucker Ks
Bregman 5-3

Astros 5, Mariners 0

Yuli gotta make that play. That has to be E3

How the fuck is that a hit? All Yuli has to do is catch a routine throw that hit the pocket of his mitt.

I like it when Bregman bats with two outs because I know he can’t hit into a double play.

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Bottom 2, Valdez pitching, 5-0

Winker and Pena collide at 1st, single
Torrens K
Frazier lines 8
Moore K


Mattress Mac making commercials wearing a 2018 ALCS hat. Nice.

Stros managed to not strand Yuli after a leadoff double for what seems like the first time this year

Top 3, 5-0

Gurriel doubles to left
Diaz singles to center, Gurriel to 3d
McCormick FC, Gurriel scores
Dubon 6-4-3 double play


Sorry, but the dogs are demanding their afternoon walk. They don’t understand PBP.

They must not understand Heat Index either

Only able to follow on Gamecast for now, but the summary for B3:

Valdez pitching.

Haggerty 6-3
Crawford 3U
France 5-3.

Astros 6, Mariners 0.


Murfee pitching

Maldonado K
Altuve 6-3
Pena K (from Gamecast, 3 inside pitches, then got him to chase an outside pitch)

Astros 6, Mariners 0.

Through 4, Bregman’s the only hitless Astro


Valdez pitching

Lewis singles to center.
Suarez 6-4-3.
Winker 1-3.

Astros 6, Mariners 0.

The 3U was a nice play by Yuli. Framber didn’t cover.

Yuli sprinted/slid into the bag then gave Framber an earful.

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Bregman strikes out swinging at a ball on the outer half of the left handed batter’s box.

They got to the end of the block and parked themselves in the shade.

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Murfee pitching. Frazier to left for Winker, Toro in to play 2nd.

Tucker Ks (swinging at slider)
Bregman Ks (swinging at slider), still hitless.
Gurriel 3U.

Astros 6, Mariners 0.