Astros @ Orioles June 23, 2021

Correa drives in two with a 2-out double. 2-0 first inning.

Tucker drives him in with a single. 3-0 still top of first.


I’m just following on Gameday as I finish up at work. Feel free to PBP, etc.

I’m still working as well, no pbp for me presently.

Looks like Altuve K’d looking, Brantley ground out, Guriel singled, Alvarez walked, then Correa hit his two-out double.

Toro popped out to end the inning.

Orioles SP left after 4.2 innings vs Toronto in last start after only 57 pitches, he has thrown 58 so far tonight thru 1.2…

Yuli drives in another run on a single. 4-0 Astros. Middle of 2nd after Alvarez flies out.

Great start:
3 for 4 RISP; 3 LOB; 4 runs scored

Uquidy 22 strikes out of 26 pitches, as the ump cks his glove on the way to the dugout.

TY for getting this thread started.
Glad to give it a shot until a pro is available.

FO to Alvarez, BB, K, then FO to Tucker

4-0 Good Guys

T-3, 4-0 Good Guys

Correa & Tucker FO to RF
Toro PO to 3B

4-0 Good Guys

B-3, 4-0 Good Guys

Astros announcers: Oriole hitter swing @ strikes, good for Urquidy so far. 33 pitches 2.1 innings

Wynn - GO SS
Mullins & Galvis - 3-pitch K
10 pitch inning for Urquidy, 38 pitches thru 3 innings

T-4 4-0 Good Guys

I don’t think Jose is selfish.

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T-4, 4-0 Good Guys

Bunt by Straw,3B, no play
Machete (3-2) FO center
Altuve HR to Left, scoring Straw, 6-0
Brantley pop out - 2nd out
Yuli GO 3rd

(78 pitches by Eshelman)

B-4 6-0 Good Guys

B-4 6-0 Good Guys

Mancini GO to Correa
Mountcastle K
Santander 1st called strike was called a ball on 2-2 on Mountcastle…, FO Straw
53 pitches - 42 strikes - for Urquidy thru 4.

T-5 6-0 Good Guys

Holy shit, that is one wide relief pitcher.

Yep, he is.