Astros @ Oakland, September 24, 2021

Altuve with the first hit of the game, a solo shot. Astros lead 2-0.

Ties him with Cedar Cedeño for 6th in homers as an Astro (163)

Bregman 3-2, walks on a close pitch just off the outside corner

Yuli 6U-3 dp

Alvarez Ks swinging.

He looked not good.

He’s apparently 0-for-all-time against Montas, and after watching that AB I can believe it.

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Gomes F9
Andrus walks
Harrison walks
(Makdy to the mound, Solomon starts warming)
Marte singles under Correa’s glove, Andrus scores, Harrison to 3rd

It’s 2-1

Olson singles to center, Marte to 3rd.

Tied at 2.

He watched a change for strike 3 in his first AB. That pitch did not break much at all and hit the center square.

This change was also very flat.

Well shit

Too much to expect this guy to give us a solid start.

Cahna sac fly gives the A’s the lead.

This all started with a walk to the washed up 9 hole hitter.

Get your shit together in the outfield.

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F7 stops the bleeding.

Back to back walks.

Back to back singles.

Not a great inning.

Bagwell, Biggio, Wynn, Cruz, Springer?


To borrow a hockey term, a little puck luck and he had an inning ending dp.

But he didn’t get lucky and he didn’t execute.

Correa F7

Berkman number 2. Cruz 10. Davis 6.

Sometimes I ask a question and then remember I’m on the internet and I can just look it up.

Tucker can’t check his swing, Ks