Astros @ NYY, May 4, 2021

2 out Bregxit!

Altuve popped out, Brantley grounded out, Bregman hit a bomb to left, Yordan Kd on slop out of the zone.

Astros 1
Douchenozzles 0

Stanton murders a ball to LF to make it 2-1

Maybe don’t fall behind 2-0 to that guy.

I can’t stand ESPN in general.

And their baseball broadcast in particular.

Greinke not off to a good start.

2 on no outs and 2 runs already in.

3 hits and a walk.

2 of the hits were at ems that got thru (one harder than the other).

The other went into orbit.

He’s got to make a good pitch here.

Sparks is discussing that Greinke changed to a 2-seam slider grip 2 starts ago and that the 2-seamer is easier to pick up

Walks Torres to load them up.

Strom has already been out to see him.

Neither 3-2 pitch was close.

He can’t locate any of his off speed pitches.

Bielak up in the pen.

He can’t locate the stadium.

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Thank you Clint Frazier.

Wow, needed that, even though another run scored.

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4U-3 (shift) dp.

Run scores.

3-1 NY

Hicks 4-3.

3-1 end 1

That could have been much worse. I’ll take it. Bats need to get it back.