Astros @ Nats, May 14, 2022

Who’s the blind man behind the plate tonight? There have already been several “interesting” calls.

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I hate Orbit.

That bases loaded double play to end the first inning is still stinging. No score after 2.5 innings

Dammit, I mean 1-0 in favor of the Nats

Tucker ripped that ball up the middle and got shifted.

Hitting Siri leadoff certainly didn’t work out in the 1st. Totally non-competitive AB followed by 3 BB

Man, what an absolutely putrid couple of at-bats from Javier.

Threw a fatty to Nelly Cruz 0-2 then threw one right into that guy’s happy spot for a 3-run dong.

Yuck. Hernandez has 4 2-out RBI in 2 ABs

So Javier is the first guy to give up more than two runs in a couple of weeks? DFA him!

I can’t believe they’re skipping Odorizzi for this punk!

Yuli putting some things together.

Keep chipping away, boys.

I’d like to take this opportunity to again express my fondness for doubles.


I’ll double that fondness.

Hickey was the Astros pitching coach under Garner.

When it was time for the inane in-game interview Garner would have him do it.

Hickey was good in front of the camera.

Wonder if he ever had managerial apsirations.

Man, Goodrum is fucking awful at the plate.

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Yuli probably has to let Javier field that.

Tough play no matter what.


2 on with a total distance of 85 feet.

The goat-rodeo in the IF is delightful.

All good things must come to an end.

Well that’s disconcerting.