Astros @ Nats, April 19, 2024

Verlander makes his 2024 debut. Let’s see if he can hold them to -1 runs…

Altuve down on strikes
Alvarez down on strikes
Bregman, who if he keeps sucking may keep working his way higher in the order, pops to shallow RF

It was actually nice forgetting there was a baseball season going on the last 36 hours.

What would be nice is if Espada didn’t think Bregman was the best, most productive hitter on the team.

Mrs Hawk and I went day drinking wine today. More Aperol spritzes tonight.

Verlander with a nice 1-2-3 inning. No score

Tucker with a little duck snort for a leadoff double

Diaz with a double! Tucker scores

Peña doubles! Diaz scores!

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Me like doubles!

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Chas with an RBI knock!

Abreu flies to CF. Guess he didn’t get the hit memo

Dubon strikes out on three pitches

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Altuve singles to RF, Chas to 3B

Chas ran 2 miles by the time he finally went first to third.


Alvarez, runners on the corners…flies out

But the Astros score thrice, lead 3-0

It would be nice to get Yordan going again.

End of two…3-0 Astros

Tucker draws a 1-out walk

Diaz flies out