Astros @ Nationals, April 20, 2024

Astros score in the top of the first

Blanco gives up a monster HR on the first pitch he throws

Blanco regroups for a quick 10-pitch inning

End of one…1-1

Peña with a 1-out single

He’s a line drive machine. Shame he’s not hitting say…second.

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Chas strikes out as Peña swipes 2B, but McCormick falls all in front of the plate and Peña out on batter’s interference for an inning ending double play.

Shiftfuck single and walk put two Nats on, one out…

Another walk loads the bases

Popup, IFF in effect. Two down

Blanco strands the bases loaded. 1-1 after two

That was strike 3, ump

I sat down just in time for Pop Up Bregman.



I would love to see this lineup. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why Alvarez is batting 2nd.

Walk, single puts the first two Nats on in the fourth…

F8, Nats on the corners, one out…

Popup to 1B, Abreu drops it…E3 extends the one-out at bat, which ends with a sac fly to score a run

Chas and Dubon collide, but no damage. Chas needs to back the fuck off.

Another single

End of four…2-1 Nationals

Every additional game that these fucking idiots let Jose Abreu play declares loudly that they care more about ego and face saving than they do about winning. Fuck these people.


Chas swung at 5,000 pitches, a few that almost hit him.

Then takes a ball out of the zone for strike 3.

Dubon got fucked.