Astros @ Mariners, September 25, 2023

A must win, as it were.

JV vs Castillo.


We need vintage Verlander in the worst way tonight.

It’s win or go home.

I can’t stay up to watch it all, but hopefully the first few innings are a positive.

Can I just say, win or lose, fuck the Ranger and fuck the Mariner.


Every day and twice on Sundays.

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No pressure, just the season at stake now …

Not a good start.

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Jeebus, any reason why no one wants to swing at meat right down the fucking middle of the plate?

Looks like we brought our “home” offense. The one that bats poorly.

Not a bad oppo hack by Bregman

Usually, it’s swinging at slop. Tonight, it’s refusing to swing at meat.

Nice double, but wish we had it BEFORE getting 2 outs

Yordan with a 2-out double

Yordan destroyed that foul ball also

Middle of one…no score.

Man in scoring position wasted again.

That would have required swinging the bat

I know, I know

JV needs some bigger pants.