Astros @ Mariners Sep. 22, 2020

How ‘bout some offense tonight?

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Thanks George!

Got my audio on the phone sync-ed with MLB TV stream. Good vibes to start.

That’s still a better swing from Altuve.

Yes, he is hitting the ball a little better.

Seattle really bringing the cut outs.

1st/3rd 2 outs for Tucker . . .

Hitter’s count and Tucker hit!


Seems like Tucker has about half of the few big hits this year.

Is a well-timed extra base hit too much to ask for?

This ump is having a shitty start.

That pitch was way inside

love seeing Grienke in the background.


Yes it is.

Leads are overrated.

Nice play from Altuve!

Backhand snag and a jump throw.

Nice play by Altuve

The Mariners placed Dylan Moore on the IL after last night’s hbp to the head.

Apparently that was the second time in a week it happened.

3 pitches, 2 outs in the third.

6 pitch inning for Newsome.

Pounded the zone.