Astros @ Mariners Sep. 21, 2020

Let’s beat the Mariners and end this.

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Another excellent plan

Straw’s .541 OPS leads off

Altuve Ks

Getting the curve over for strikes


Nice catch.

Kyle Lewis up. He has as many HRs as Altuve, Bregman, and Correa combined.

2-out walk. How could that possibly hurt.

Strikes are your friend, Lance.

Nice job by Lance.

Tucker almost grounded into a 9-6 fielder’s choice.

I like that reverse camera angle.

One of the few times the vomit cam has enhanced a sports broadcast.

WTF, Carlos.

Correa’s at bat made me want to vomit.

Unbelievably unproductive at the plate this season.

He’s become a 9-hole slap hitter on most teams.

He’s healthy.

His play in the field is stellar.

He started out hitting for average and had a few big flies.

But he has been withering at the plate for 3 or 4 weeks.

Staring at strike 3, failing in rbi spots, and generally making me miss the offensive production of Rafael Ramirez.

Correa this year and Ramirez are essentially the same hitter, with Ramirez able to steal a bag once in a while.

Classic Altuve hit.

Ball was almost under his chin.

In the last month…since August 19th…Correa is slashing .192/.236/.240 for an OPS of .476 with 1HR and 10 runs batted in.