Astros @ Mariners, May 7, 2023


Yordan with a 2-out single, Abreu blown away by medium fastballs

No score

Keep telling us he’ll turn it around. I don’t see it.

I don’t mean you, HH. I mean Dusty and others.

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He so behind on everything. He got three straight fastball about 95, which is a good fastball, but it’s not overpowering or anything. He never stood a chance.


Bielak walks the first hitter he faces


Next pitch is a double to LF…runners at 2B and 3B, nobody out

That was fortunate


Kelenic lines into a 6-4 double play. Ouch that was dumb.

“Lines” is generous. It was halfway between liner and pop up.

Yeah, it wasn’t hit hard. Sort of a looping liner?

Suarez lines out to 3B and Bielak pulls a rabbit out of his hat. No score after one

Thank you, Ty France, for your base-running blunder.

Peña just missed it.

Don’t blame Tucker for trying. Pretty much forced to manufacture runs.

It’s a good idea with the new rules, regardless.


Tucker draws a leadoff walk,
Peña flies out to deep LF. Just got it off the end of the bat a little.
Tucker thrown out trying to steal 2B.
Julks strikes out swinging

No score

When your two and four hitters are automatic outs…

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Does every fucking blooper drop for these guys?

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Crawford with a 2-out single
Caballero with a bloop single to LF
Trammell flies out at the wall in LCF

No score


Maldonado with a 1-out single
Dubon pops out to RF
Bregman pops up the first pitch. He’s now hitting below .200

I wonder what happened to him. It looked for all the world like he’d be a perennial MVP candidate, now it looks a lot like after this contract expires he’ll be playing with the Savannah Bananas.

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