Astros @ Mariners, May 28, 2024

Top of the first:

Altuve strikes out,
Tucker flies out to center
Yordan flies out to the track in left field

Bottom of the first:

Crawford strikes out swinging on strike five
Rojas singles and steals second
Rodriguez singles to right, Rojas scores. 1-0 Mariners.
Raleigh hits a shiftfuck single down the 3B line, but Rodriguez tries to take third and runs into out number two.
Raley strikes out swinging, inning over.

After one, 1-0 Mariners.

Son of a bitch. Should have been a tie game.

Top of the second inning:

Pena robbed of a home run by Luke Raley in LF. Ugh.
Bregman singles to center
Meyers flies out to center
Singleton walks, Bregman to second
Abreu grounds out weakly to third, inning over.

Bottom of the second inning

France hit by a pitch
Canzone strikes out swinging
Haniger strikes out swinging
Bliss grounds out to third

Nice Alex

Alex “Don’t bat me 4th” Bregman


I like it best when he hits Bombs with men on.


Nice 12 pitch bottom of the 4th by Brown.

2Ks (Raley, France) and a 6-3 ground out (Canzone).

Abreu and Diaz both K swinging under high FBs. Altuve quiets the boobirds with a single up the middle.
Tucker F7.

2-1 good guys, middle of the 5th.

Brown pitching.

Haniger 5-3, Bregman ranging to his left.
Bliss F8.
Crawford K.

End 5, 2-1 Astros.

Castillo pitching.

Alvarez singles to left.

Pena K’s. Alvarez steals 2nd and then takes 3rd on the E2 throw.

Bregman 4-3.

Meyers 5-3. Alvarez stranded.

Mid 6th, still 2-1 Astros.

Alex giveth …

What an encouraging outing by Brown!

Bottom 6th, Hunter pitching.

Rojas 5-3.

Julio Ks on strike 4 foul tip.

Raleigh Ks.

End of 6. 2-1 Astros.

9 old sea-hag punch-outs by Hunter.
I’ll take it.

Man do we need this version of Hunter.

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The knuckle curve on 0-2 (which Julio somehow spoiled) was nasty.

Julio’s nasty too

We need a good hitting first baseman so bad.