Astros @ Mariners July 28

Astros up 2-0 heading to the bottom of the 3rd

Servais making an ass of himself. Those are close pitches: some go against you, some go for you.

T4, Servais ejected for arguing balls and strikes, and Dusty left wondering why a manager would go out and stick up for his pitcher like that.


This pitcher is not getting screwed

Diaz fists one into LF to score Chas and make it 3-0.

Diaz knocks in the 3rd run with 2 outs. 3-0 Astros.

Seeing “Toro” and “Odorizzi” both in the score bug for an AB still gives me a double take.

Yuli leads off the 5th with a solo shot to CF, 4-0

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What a beauty. Yuli is so special


He’s a professional hitter, and one of the biggest bargains in baseball at his salary for this season and next.


This game is going to last until the deadline expires.


Astros After Dark still in play.

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A’s up 7-0.

No way a team blows a lead like that.


Why was Servais arguing with the first base ump? Crew chief? But still?

1B ump was the one who tossed him

Jose knocks in a speedy Straw and Diaz knocks in Jose with a double to left. 6-0

Welcome back, Diaz.


Kelenic having a time in CF.

Yuli keeps it going. 7-0

Yuli can’t be stopped today.