Astros @ Mariners, August 30, 2021

Astros get a pair of runs, lead 2-0 after first half inning.

I despise the Mariners. They toss fish. They snort seaweed. They lick barnacles. There’s no team in baseball that I’d rather see lose.


Mariners get a leadoff single, erased on a double play, and a dribbler back to the mound ends the 1st. 2-0 Astros


Singles by Meyers and Altuve…two on, one out for Brantley

Brantley bounces out 3U…runners at 2B and 3B, two down for Correa

Astros leave two in scoring position for the second straight inning. 2-0 Astros

Luis threw only 6 pitches in the 1st, 3 strikes (single, GIDP, GO) & 3 balls…

Marmolejos, his first at bat after being called back after being DFAed, crushes a 1-2 pitch to RF for a home run.

Bilge-reeking yoga addicts . . .


After two…2-1 Astros

Tucker with a 2-out double.

Their neck tattoos were inspired by Thai takeout menus.


Astros leave their 5th runner in scoring position in three innings. Still lead 2-1

Checking in to say good luck. We’re all counting on you.

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Neck Thais?


They name their children “starfish” and “bowline hitch”. Their mothers cavorted with dolphins.

Through three…2-1 Astros.

Ok. Bedtime. Fuck PDT

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Me too. I hate the Mariners though.

Meyers Ks

Maldy Ks

2 down

Altuve bats for 3rd time in 4th inning.

Has seen 2 pitches.