Astros @Mariners, August 15, 2020

Some shuffle in the lineup as Altuve moved down to the 7-hole.

No score after one

Javier with a 1,2,3 second

Javier thus far really has taken advantage of his opportunity created by the pandemic.

Yordan with a 200-mph single through the shift,

Yuli doubles him to 3B

Nobody out

Yep. Couple of guys have. Been pretty impressed with Javier to this point.

Correa…3-0…grounds out 5-3. Blah.

That was hilarious. It was basically right at the 2nd baseman out in RF, and he still ole’d it. He wanted nothing to do with that ball.

Altuve grounds out 6-3 as Yordan scores

1-0 Astros

Under normal circumstances, he would have been in RR for awhile.

Tucker grounds out into the shift

We’ve played two…1-0 Astros

Astros have three starters hitting below the Mendoza Line: Springer, Altuve, and Tucker.

All the sudden Javier has lost his command…

And he gets out of the inning by some really boneheaded baserunning by the Ms

Smith hits a lazy fly ball to LF, and for some dumb reason, Evan White is doubled off of 1B. Maybe forgot how many outs?

1-0 Astros

So…White ran all the way to 2B, had to retouch and then couldn’t find the bag. Which may be worse than forgetting how many outs there are.

Astros go quickly and quietly in the 3rd


Tiny strike zone tonight


Javier getting the living shit squeezed out of him

Except that I’ve seen him call a bunch of pitches strikes that were 3" off the plate. He’s completely confusing.

Javier walks one, but Machete guns down a would be base thief, and Javier has faced the minimum through 4

1-0 Astros.

Machete has been throwing really well.